Urban Dreams Workshop

Organized by the Chamber of Architects, the central theme of the Urban Dreams Workshop is 'sharing' this summer. As part of this event, my presentation, which I will make on 10-Jul-17, is entitled "The Architecture of sharing as part of a historical process." We will talk about how the role of the architect has changed over the centuries in line with the technical and organizational changes in the internal and external environment of the building industry. At the end of the seminar, we will also have a brainstorming session regarding the future role of the architect with a special emphasis on the sharing concept.

You can access the relevant Prezi presentation by clicking this link

Advanced Research Methods

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Integration of Project Delivery

Our guest speaker was Erdinç Çiftçi on 24-Mar-17, Friday, in the Construction Management & Economy course. Çiftçi, the principal of Bold Architecture, gave a lecture entitled "Integration of Building Production Process: Building Information Modelling". Click here to access the lecture photos.

Alternative Building Production Methods

In the 2016-17 Spring Semester, as part of the Construction Project course at undergraduate level, we will use alternative building production methods to address the needs of vulnerable groups in rural disaster zones. In the first part of the semester students will explore technological alternatives, while in the second part, they will use the technology they select to develop a design solution for the targeted group according to their project scenarios. Technological solutions should, of course, be consistent with the project scenarios.

I will be posting visual materials to the relevant Pinterest board.

Disasters and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of AEC Professionals

I am working with my students, colleagues and consultants to make disaster phenomenon part of architects', engineers' and other relevant professionals' continuing professional development (CPD) curriculum. On a continuum between undergraduate education and post-doctoral research, we have focused on different aspects of disaster management, design-for-disasters, as well as integrating project management skills and know-how into the disaster management field to able to design an instructional content in the near future, in cooperation with professional organizations and NGOs. If you are interested in collaborating, please do not hesitate to contact me..

Adaptive Re-use of Structures

In the 2016-17 Fall Semester, as part of the Construction Project course at undergraduate level, we will focus on the adaptive re-use of structures in emergencies. Project scope may not cover only the transformation of existing buildings, but also the attachment of additional structures to the pre-existing buildings to provide various services to meet the needs of displaced masses, in addition to those of public institutions, NGOs or other relevant organizations that take role in the various phases of the disaster management cycle. Addressing the needs of vulnerable groups will be a particular focus of interest. Here is the link for the closed Facebook group. I will post additional information on the project theme soon.

We are also working on it as a research project and we have recently published a paper, which formulates the selection of a structure with the highest adaptive reuse potential (ARP) as a multi-criteria decision making problem. We have recently submitted another paper to a conference which focuses on the architectural design problems associated with the assessment of ARP of buildings. We will make a short presentation concerning the second paper at the beginning of the semester to clarify the dimensions of the problem.

You can follow the studio outputs via Prezi presentation.

Image: http://www.unhcr.org/history-of-unhcr.html

Menderes Metro Station project

We have collaborated with Esenler Municipality for our Construction Project course this semester to develop design solutions for the Menderes Metro Station and its immediate environment. The work can be monitored via the presentation below..

3D modeling by Tolga Özdemir

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Design for Disaster

I have focused on disaster-related design solutions with my students and consultants as part of Construction Project course for the last few years. You can access the Facebook group of the course by following this link.  You can also access the Prezi presentation which summarizes the general aspects of our approach by following this link (presented at a panel at 5th International Earthquake Symposium, co-organized by Kocaeli University and Kocaeli Chamber of Architects). We have published a paper recently concerning our efforts at undergraduate level to integrate disaster management phenomenon into the curriculum.